STA R300-213 R3 Chip Seal Project

August 17, 2015

I wanted to share this compliment with all of you. We have had numerous verbal compliments. However, rarely do people take the time to actually put it in writing. We also received compliments from the organizer of the Tour De Steamboat bicycle event (an estimated 1000 cyclists) that took place on SH 134 on July 18, 2015. This definitely has to be a first (at least for me)!

There was only one broken windshield complaint and it turned out not to be related to our project. I’ve never been on a chip seal project that didn’t have a number of broken windshield and loose gravel related complaints. Even though we have received several recent complaints regarding paint on vehicles, there have also been numerous compliments regarding the excellent striping job. Overall, people are very pleased with the minimal impacts during construction and the end product. The local CSP Officer says he really likes driving on his “pretty new” roads.

Fernando, please pass this on to your crew, since they are the ones that actually do the work. I also want to thank you and your crew for a great job.

Mark, please share this with Innovative Marking Systems as well. I am very impressed with the neatness and the overall quality of the striping.

I think everyone can walk away from this project and be very proud!

Debbie McLain


Craig Residency