Steamboat Springs Wild Blue Gondola Pads

Project Type


Ready Mix Concrete


Steamboat Springs


Ready Mixed Concrete

General Contractor: Saunders
Start Date: June 2022 Date of Pour 06/30/2022
Completion Date: Oct 2022
Subcontractors or Key Contractors: Doppelmayr, Serria Construction
Materials Used on Project and Quantities: 140 yards 38060802 5000psi mix, Columns and pads for the gondola towers.

United Companies provided the concrete for some new gondola towers in the Steamboat Springs, Colo., area. The concrete had to be brought up a mountain on a well-maintained maintenance road to where a Blackhawk helicopter could land and lift-off to carry the concrete to the tower locations. The helicopter would take 1.3-yard buckets of concrete to the locations, release the concrete in place, and return to the mixer truck, setting the bucket down in the same spot precisely each time. Experienced safety personnel from Doppelmayer guided the bucket safely to the ground so it could be filled back up and taken back out again. Cloudy conditions caused some slight delays because the helicopter could lose visibility; so the safe course of action was to pause until the cloud passed, which didn’t take long. Then the helicopter was back in the air, continuing the pour.