October 15, 2014

GREEN RIVER, Utah–Staker Parson Companies began work on the UDOT I-70 project in September 2011.  The scope of work included rotomilling and paving 4 miles of I-70 west of Green River, Utah, with 40,000 tons hot mix asphalt and 20,000 tons SMA.  Staker Parson relied on Grand Junction, Colorado-based United Companies, also an Oldcastle company, to complete the paving on the project.

“United Companies has expertise in paving challenging projects such as UDOT I-70,”reports Tyson Nelson, Staker Parson project manager. “They provided us a highly experienced and skilled paving crew, as well as a paver, three double drum rollers, side-cast and conveyor brooms to help us complete the job.”

This was the first job completed by the two companies together, but Nelson says the crews worked together like friends from the beginning. “Ken Dobey, Rick Bottenfield, Raul Fonseca and other skilled crew members quickly adjusted to running with double belly dumps and laying a 4-inch compacted mat, which they had not done before,” Nelson says. “They did a great job keeping the trucks running efficient cycle times. Their joints and seams were tight, smooth and straight. The roller operators efficiently made changes in rolling patterns to maintain achieving compaction among changes in mix and ambient temperature.” The success of paving is evident in the 85 percent paving smoothness bonus achieved by the companies.

Nelson says the experience of working with another Oldcastle company helped make the job successful.  “We enjoyed the experience of working with one of our sister companies and have learned ways to help our work go even smoother the next time around,” he says. “Crew members were asked to put in extra hours on nights and weekends to make sure we were able to run the next day and complete the project on time.”  Without the willingness of all crew members to go the extra mile, the job would not have turned out as well as it did.”

The companies completed work on the project in November 2011.  

  • Photo caption: Saul Valdez, Paul Guillen, Alonso Morales, Louis Guillen Sr., Fernando Gonzalez, Gerardo Becerra, Orlando Trujillo, Dan Payne and Fermin Trujillo. Photo taken by foreman Raul Fonseca.