I have never been treated better…

July 23, 2015

“I wanted to take a second and let you know what has occurred over the last few days and how I feel about what has occurred.
After receiving Telluride Gravel’s bid for the Columbine Project I requested a face-to-face meeting with Jonathan.
Jonathan came to my office and listened patiently while I relayed my concerns with this project. I asked Jonathan to review the numbers to see if there was any room available that would assist me and the Town of Telluride with our ability to see the project move forward at this time.
Jonathan worked hard on the proposal and responded with a revised proposal. I signed that proposal a few minutes ago and I have sent it back to Jonathan. In the course of my career, with almost thirty years of contracting experience, and with at least fifty successful projects completed to date, a contractor has never treated me better than I was treated this time. In my opinion, Jonathan and Telluride Gravel have set the new high standard for contractor responsiveness.
The Town of Telluride and Telluride Gravel have enjoyed an outstanding long-term relationship. It is my sincere hope that continues well into the future. Thank you and your staff for all of your efforts on our behalf.”
Paul Ruud
Public Works Director
Town of Telluride