July 23, 2015

Owner: United States Forest Service

General Contractor: Joint group effort between USFS, Millennium Science & Engineering and Telluride Gravel

Completion Date: November 2010

Location: Ophir, Colorado

The Construction Phase of this Design-Build Project was awarded to Telluride Gravel based on 80% complete construction plans. A joint-group effort was formulated between USFS, Millennium Science & Engineering and Telluride Gravel to reach final design and 100% construction plans. Telluride Gravel’s input and comments helped facilitate the project design and construction to come in under USFS budget and within schedule milestones that had been established.

This¬†Design-Build project reclamaimed mill tailings along the Howard Fork of the San Miguel River.¬† The mill tailings were deposited along the floodplain via a wooden flume from former mining activities associated with the Carbonero Mine and North Star Mill that operated from 1924 through 1930. The mill tailings were pulled away from the 100 year floodplain elevation, consolidated and covered with a high density geo-textile fabric and coarse, durable rock. Riprap was also placed along the river bank at the 500 year flood elevation to protect the encapsulated tailings from potential river scour. Telluride Gravel performed all site construction activities and generated rock cover materials from on-site borrow sources. Riprap boulders for embankment protection were imported to the project from Telluride Gravel’s pit.